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The Filipino Shirt and Barong

The traditional Filipino shirt is a common staple of everyday wear, but what makes it unique is its terminology. This piece of clothing is often referred to as at iba pa, which means “and others more.”

The barong, which loosely translates to “Wrinkled of the Rich”, was worn as early as the pre-colonial period, and was originally collarless. It evolved from the baro, which was collarless and striped, to the barong tagalog. As time passed, the design became more intricate, including an elaborate collar. The baro also became longer and more tailored over the years, and some men wore shirts with long sleeves instead of short ones.

The barong evolved over centuries. As a result, it has now become a popular choice for women, and has replaced the elaborate four-piece traje de mestiza known as the Maria Clara. However, more traditional barongs are still translucent, and the wearer should wear a camisa under them. Ultimately, the decision to wear a traditional Filipino shirt is personal, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

In a traditional Filipino wedding, the bride and groom are expected to wear a traditional Filipino shirt, also known as a barong. This shirt is typically untucked, and is embroidered in a U-shape pattern. The barong can easily be turned into a Filipino costume because it is adorned with traditional patterns and ornamentation. For a wedding, it is the most traditional way to gain the approval of the elders tunai4d..

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