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The Cost of Car Interior Detailing

The cost of car interior detailing is determined by several factors. A car’s age and condition are key factors, as well as how dirty it is. Dirty interiors require more time, products, and effort to clean. Additional costs may be associated with pet hair, strains, or M&M’s stuck to the seats. For example, a car with a dingy interior may require a more comprehensive service than one with a sparkling exterior.

The cost of car interior detailing varies in various states. Those in states that lag behind the national average should charge higher prices to catch up. Also, people living in higher-cost states should adjust their prices for inflation. However, the most accurate picture of car interior detailing costs is derived from using all the available data, as it includes averages as well as a range of prices. Using the whole data and the costs of living in each state will give the most accurate picture of car detailing cost.

While all car interior detailing services start with a vacuum, the seats and floors should be washed. If necessary, floor mats should be removed. Some places inside the car might require extra tools and equipment, but this should be considered part of the basic service package. Premium packages include all the basic procedures, as well as some extras. Premium packages range from $120 to $195. To learn more, contact your local Delta Sonic.

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