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How to Keep Your Car Looking New

If you’ve just bought a brand new car, you’re probably wondering how much maintenance it needs to stay like new. Fortunately, maintaining your car doesn’t have to break the bank and won’t take up a lot of your time. In fact, you can easily do many of the routine maintenance tasks yourself, such as washing your car regularly with a good car wash soap. You can also use products designed for vehicles to clean the interior, including car seats, trunk, and carpet.

Carpets: Whether you have a hose attachment, a handheld brush, or a dedicated machine, you can use a simple hosing to remove the dirt that can cause premature wear to the upholstery in your car. Afterward, you can use a household or shop vacuum with an extension hose to vacuum the carpet, seats, floor mats, and crevices in the car. Heavy-duty cleaning of your car’s dashboard and other areas of the interior can be done with a microfibre cloth and clean water. Similarly, you can clean small crevices in the dashboard with a toothbrush and a bit of water.

Regular cleaning of the interior is equally as important as the exterior. If you live in your car, you’re likely to have a lot of trash and other items in there, and you’ll want to make sure you keep these areas clean regularly. Using a clay bar can help you achieve a smooth finish on your windshield and paint. Lastly, keep the clearcoat of your car shiny and new with car wax and paint sealant.

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