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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Key Cards

One of the advantages of electronic key cards is that they do not require a human being to be present to access buildings. Receptionists can issue a new card to a customer if the previous one is lost or stolen. However, there are some disadvantages of electronic key cards. For example, the key card may become de-magnetized and a new card must be purchased. Another disadvantage is the cost of switching over to a new system.

However, the benefits outweigh these drawbacks. Unlike keys, card access systems include a software database that tracks key ownership and lets users know which doors their cards can access. Furthermore, users do not have to memorize or share a PIN when using such systems. This makes these systems a more convenient alternative to traditional keys, especially for companies and institutions. However, these card systems aren’t foolproof.

While electronic key cards are more secure than keys, they also have some drawbacks. Because they are designed to be wiped or de-programmed after use, it is possible for an unauthorized person to gain access to a building. In addition to this, they are vulnerable to theft and misuse. Keyless entry systems also pose a security risk since they leave the user vulnerable to identity theft. If a user uses the same code over again, they can leave themselves vulnerable to identity theft. Furthermore, keys can be easily lost, stolen or misplaced.

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