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By Rotation Review

By Rotation is an app that lets you rent designer items from a community of other users. Users are categorized by size and can follow other members to find similar items. They can also borrow clothes, or create a mood board and keep it up-to-date. Users can also borrow clothes to wear for special occasions, such as a graduation. Currently, the company is working on adding gamification features to make their app more interactive.

To become a member of By Rotation, users must have at least three reviews and a four-star rating. Members can post a rental request, and those who rent items can request to buy them. By Rotation also encourages conversations among users, which helps the community grow. Users will be able to rent out their clothes from other members in exchange for money. They will also receive recommendations about prices and can choose from up to 70 percent off the original price.

The app focuses on sustainable fashion, and it is one of the first of its kind in the world. The company helps extend the life of quality items and prevents over PS140 million worth of textile waste. It also encourages users to repair and restore items to lengthen their life-cycle. The company’s sustainability efforts have also been recognized by the award-winning Eco-Age Brandmark. By Rotation is committed to using more sustainable fashion options, such as reusable and recycled clothing, to make the fashion world a better place for everyone.

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